In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Spotify and Magnus Media have joined forces to launch the first-ever Latin music video and documentary on the streaming platform.

Starring Latin icon Marc Anthony and his father Felipe Muñiz, La Familia is a three-part video series that documents the recording of the new bolero track «Dejé de amar,» by Muñiz — who makes his grand debut as singer at 81 years old — featuring, of course, his son.

The documentary series includes the clips «Now It’s His Turn,» «The Creation of ‘Dejé de amar'» and last but not least, the music video for «Dejé de amar.» The song is available as of today on the platform, and is produced by Grammy-winning producer Sergio George.

«We believe there is no better way to show the world how important Latin music is to Spotify than through this collaboration,» said Rocio Guerrero, Spotify’s Global Head of Latin Content, in a statement. «To see an iconic artist in such an intimate performance with his father is a truly moving experience for us, and it’s one that we can’t wait to share with all music lovers around the globe.»

You can watch the documentary on (must be logged in to your account). Below, check out the trailer for La Familia. Spotify has also been rolling out exclusive content, including playlists by Latin superstars and podcasts, in honor of the festive month.