MIAMI, December 15, 2017 –SOMOS UNA VOZ (We are One Voice), the philanthropic organization conceived by Marc Anthony and supported by some of the most celebrated figures in the worlds of music, film and sports continues to provide urgent humanitarian relief and recovery assistance to areas impacted by recent natural disasters via partnerships with several local Puerto Rican entities.

In this new phase SOMOS UNA VOZ will provide direct relief to communities in the towns of Morovis, Loiza and Fajardo.   In each of these municipalities SOMOS UNA VOZ has funded programs administered by local charities including Yo No Me Quito, Fundación Extra Bases, and the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico.

Recovery assistance will include the delivery of children’s clothes and school supplies, water filters, medical equipment, and generators for families with extreme medical needs.  Recipients will include children and their families, as well as elderly care centers, doctor’s offices and schools unable to operate due to lack of power.  The local charities will also help facilitate educational events and distribute informational materials within the communities.


Fundación Extra Bases together with SOMOS UNA VOZ, will be hosting a special event in on December 17th at Barrio San Lorenzo in Morovis.  During the family day event, Fundación Extra Bases will utilize part of the SOMOS UNA VOZ funds to distribute clothing, shoes, personal products, school supplies and toys. Health information and evaluation will be available on site and children will have the opportunity to participate in a science educational event with Eco-Exploratorio.

In addition SOMOS UNA VOZ is also introducing a new initiative, SOMOS + SALUD to be launched in January 2018.  The long-term recovery strategy was created with the intention of improving access to high quality pediatric and family health care in hard hit communities.

A tentpole of the effort will include the delivery of a fully self-contained state of the art pediatric clinic on wheels, which will provide comprehensive year-round medical care and health education in Morovis, Loiza, Fajardo and other communities.   The mobile clinic has been provided to SOMOS UNA VOZ by the Children’s Health Fund (CHF). 



The SOMOS + SALUD program will provide:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions
  2. Management of Chronic conditions
  3. Referrals to specialist, as needed and as feasible
  4. Preventive interventions (e.g., routine childhood vaccinations) and anticipatory guidance
  5. Provision of – or referral to – mental health, eye care and dental care, as needed.
  6. Ancillary services, including nutrition, immunizations, and specialty referrals will be available.
  7. The program will collaborate with local pediatricians and other relevant health providers, as well as the Puerto Rico Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Somos Una Voz is the alliance of artists and athletes created by Marc Anthony in September 2017 to help provide humanitarian relief to areas affected by natural disasters throughout the southern United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and other affected areas in the Caribbean.



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