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El Cantante (2006)

Tv Film 12 Sep 06 0

Puchi (Jennifer Lopez) talks about her late husband, salsa legend Héctor Lavoe (Marc Anthony), during a 2002 interview, as she reminisces about memories from the 1960s and ’70s after his arrival in New York City. She discusses their life together and his downfall, which was led by drugs, alcoholand depression. Scenes of their meeting and courtship are inter-cut with Héctor performing while Puchi stands on the side of the stage, dancing.

Héctor’s collaborations with salsa musician Willie Colón (John Ortiz) and the Fania All Stars are shown, as well as his ventures as a solo artist. Notable events including the birth of their son, Héctor Jr, infidelities and their break-up. Puchi becomes fed up of his partying, cheating and drugs. Although she pushed him to get help and he did on occasion, she was unable to stop this addiction.