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3.0 REIGNS THE SALES CHARTS WORLDWIDE It’s the best-selling Latin album of the year!

Miami, FL (July 31, 2013). – Just a week after its release on July 23rd, Marc Anthony’s new album 3.0 has achieved an impressive number of No. 1’s in the Americas and Spain.

It’s the best-selling Latin album of 2013 around the world, and it’s No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums in the U.S.; including Puerto Rico, in addition to the iTunes charts of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Spain and Venezuela – 15 countries in all!

Furthermore, it shipped Platinum in the United States, where this week debut at No. 5 among the Top albums of all genres, becoming his first Top 5 since 2002 (Mended, No. 3), and his top sales week since 2004 (Amar Sin Mentiras).

In Venezuela, it also hit Platinum-level sales, while going Gold in Chile and Colombia.

The album’s first single, “Vivir Mi Vida” (Live My Life), is a worldwide anthem that’s spent 18 consecutive weeks at the top of Billboard’s “Hot Latin Songs” chart, an all-time record for a salsa track.

The overwhelming success of 3.0 and “Vivir Mi Vida” make it clear that when tropical music and supreme talent meet, one can still go very, very far.

Almost a decade had passed since Marc Anthony last released a salsa album. However, the fearless Marc Anthony returned to the recording studios to craft an album that proudly shares innovative salsa music with a new generation of fans. The result is 3.0, his third collaboration with the tropical-music maestro Sergio George on an album of new material which includes 10 tracks.

Marc Anthony is set to launch his “Vivir Mi Vida” tour on August 6, a journey that will take him to 15 countries. He has already thrilled us this year with two monumental performances in Mexico, playing before a crowd of 125,000 during the International Salsa Festival in Veracruz and before more than 100,000 fans at Mexico City’s historic Zócalo.

The public has spoken. Marc Anthony has surpassed the greatest expectations of his fans and the press. With 3.0, he comes even closer to our hearts.

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